All Pinch Sitters have at least 3 years experience and at least 2 recent childcare references. All Pinch Sitters are personally interviewed and submit to a full reference, criminal and background check. All Pinch Sitters have extensive experience in many diverse settings: daycare/pre-K programs, K-12 classrooms, after school/summer camps, art therapy, and children's theater, dance, music, and gymnastics classes. Our experienced, responsible, reliable, and loving staff design fun and enriching activities while making sure that your children are safe and protected.
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Brandon D.

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Hometown: Fresno, CA

Education: Pasadena City College/AD; Stella Adler Conservatory

Profession: Actor, Teacher

Hobbies: Art, Theater, music, movies, yoga, singing, dancing

Experience: 4+ years with ages 2 and older as an after school theater teacher, after school nanny, tutor, and on-call babysitter. I am resourceful, patient, kind, attentive, and focused. Children are my priority while on the job. I am creative and adaptable and bring my love for art and theater to the each childcare experience.

Brenna C.

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Hometown: Jacksonville, NC
Education: William Peace University/BFA Musical Theater
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: Cooking, singing, acting
Experience: 6+ years with infants and older as a camp counselor, children's drama teacher, weekend nanny, and private, on-call babysitter. I am kind, caring, responsible, improvisational, mature, smart and fun! I am very nurturing and want to keep a similar dynamic while babysitting that a child is accustomed to.

Brianna G.

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Hometown: Queens, NY

Education: CCNY/BA Communications, '20

Profession: Student

Hobbies: Family, cycling, make-up

Experience: 5+ years with ages 5 and older as an after school sitter and part-time, occasional, and on-call sitter. I am respectful, organized, and fum and love learning about each child's interests and seeing him/her learn and grow. I use arts and crafts, toys, and games to keep children busy and hands on.


Brielle T.

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Hometown: Duanesburg, NY
Education: Baruch College/BBA Marketing
Profession: Marketing
Hobbies: Photography, dog walking
Experience: 7+ years with infants and older as after school nanny, K-5 after school counselor/tutor, and as a private, overnight, on-call babysitter. I am dependable and responsible and adaptable. I have the knowledge and skills to keep kids safe and still am able to engage and help them learn and have fun. I am relaxed and happy to follow parents' plans and styles.

Britte S.

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Hometown: Littleton, CO
Education: Wagner College/BA Speech
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: dance, theater, baking, outdoor activities
Experience: Over 10+ years with newborns and older. Tutor, speech therapist, camp counselor/program director as well as in home/overnight care with ages 0-16.

Claudine A.

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Hometown: Forest Hills, NY

Education: FIT/BA Fashion design

Profession: Retail visual designer

Hobbies: Art, travel, psychology, reading, dance

Experience: 20+ years with 6 months and older as an au pair, after school sitter, and agency temporary/occasional sitter. I am a loving sitter who sincerely concerned with the childrens' well-being. I an hands on, proactive, warm, calm, fun, patient, creative, and love to tell imaginative stories.

Dan R.

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Hometown: Wakefield, MA
Education: Syracuse University/BFA Musical Theater
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: Musical theater, yoga, fitness, travel
Experience: 9+ years with 2 year olds and older (elementary/middle school age) as an after school sitter, teaching artist, summer camp counselor, and in children's theater. I believe the best way to engage children is to employ fun, educational, and stimulating activities to engage their minds and bodies. I provide care, guidance, support, structure, and leadership in a fun way.

Dana S.

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Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ
Education: Curry College, MA in Business Administration/ City College, MA in Psychology,
Profession: Going back to school to get a MSW to become an adolescent counselor.
Hobbies: Traveling, museums, cats
Experience: Over 15 years of experience with infants and older; experience with twins and as a night nurse; I have worked with childcare agencies in Mass and NY. I am honest, understanding, and love children. I am a friend as well as a role model.

Danielle J.

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Hometown: Sicklerville, NJ

Education: Wagner College/BA Theatre/Speech

Profession: Actor

Hobbies: Theatre, puzzles, crafting, DIYs

Experience: 8+ years with ages 2 months and older as an after school sitter, tutor, part-time nanny, and summer camp counselor. I take the time to learn about the children I am watching and try to know the best way to keep them entertained. I am creative and imaginative and I love to be playful, joke around and create an atmosphere that is light and fun. I love doing crafts, putting on skits, or playing games.

Danielle S.

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Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Education: Manhattanville College/BA Music

Profession: Actor

Hobbies: Cooking, movies, reading, quality time

Experience: 10+ years with infants and older as an after school wrangler, children's vocal coach, princess/character for birthday parties, and private on-call sitter. I am patient, nurturing, caring, dependable, responsible, and fun! I have a listening ear and structured mind. My style is to create fun things to do while spending quality time with them.