Babysitting Requests

Pinch Sitters will try to fill any request!  We work in a variety of settings for children of all ages.  The agency will take into account the child’s needs when assigning an experienced, responsible, and loving sitter.

 Pinch Sitters are available for:

  • Daytimes – Full day/half day
  • Same day/emergencies
  • Evenings
  • Occasional/Date nights
  • Part-time
  • After school/School pick-ups
  • Weekends
  • Hotel/AirBnb/Business locations
  • Family/Children Corporate Parties/Events
  • Weddings
  • Conventions/Conferences
  • Reunions
  • and More!

Pinch Sitters have experience with:

  • Babysitting in a variety of different settings
  • Babysitting at all hours (overnight bookings arranged on a case by case basis)
  • Babysitting for all ages (newborn through teens)
  • Babysitting for groups of children
  • Babysitting for children who are sick (as long as the child is not contagious)
  • Babysitting for kids with special needs/abilities
  • Babysitting for children with medical and/or physical disabilities
  • Babysitting for children with food or other allergies/conditions