All Pinch Sitters have at least 3 years experience and at least 2 recent childcare references. All Pinch Sitters are personally interviewed and submit to a full reference, criminal and background check. All Pinch Sitters have extensive experience in many diverse settings: daycare/pre-K programs, K-12 classrooms, after school/summer camps, art therapy, and children's theater, dance, music, and gymnastics classes. Our experienced, responsible, reliable, and loving staff design fun and enriching activities while making sure that your children are safe and protected.
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Oriana B.

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Hometown: Kissimmee, FL
Education: Valencia Community College/AA; New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts
Profession: Actor/Student
Hobbies: Acting, dancing, singing, photography, swimming, cooking
Experience: Three years with ages 9 months and older. I've worked within a preschool and as a dance teacher (3 y/o) as wells as working with private families. I am responsible, reliable and prepared for any situation. I am attentive and compassionate and listen to the children needs.

Rachel-Ann G.

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Hometown: Astoria, NY
Education: Pace School of Performing Arts/BA Acting
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: Creative arts, outdoor activities, sports, reading, writing, arts & crafts
Experience: 5+ years with ages 2 and older as a summer nanny, and as an after school and private sitter. I do set boundaries and expectations for children to keep them safe and then create a fun and easygoing environment. I listen and pay attention to what children are saying. I never run out of ideas or lose my patience or focus. I am always warm, present, interactive, engaged, entertaining, empathetic, and fun!

Roslyn B.

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Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Education: BMCC/AD Early Childhood Ed; City College of NY/BA Early Childhood Ed
Profession: Student
Hobbies: Arts and crafts, cooking, yoga, Pilates, dance
Experience: Over ten years with newborns and older; full time nanny for a newborn; lead teacher at Manhattan Kids Club (1-2 y/o). I am loving, respectful, understanding, and have excellent communication skills. I love playing, working with arts and crafts, and music!

Sammie F.

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Hometown: Southampton, NY
Education: Pace University/BA Art
Profession: Intern
Hobbies: Art, photography, fashion, traveling
Experience: Over 5 years with age 6 months and older through a sitting service in the Hamptons as well as with private families as an on-call and part time babysitter and summer nanny. I have volunteered with Our Best Buddies working with children with developmental disabilities. I love doing all kinds of art and being creative to have fun with kids.

Sammie Z.

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Hometown: Chicago, IL
Education: Knox College/BA Theater
Profession: Actor/Performance Coach
Hobbies: Acting, dancing, swimming
Experience: Over 5 years with 9 months and older as a summer nanny, after school sitter, private sitter, tutor, and performance coach for high schoolers. I maintain a good balance between being fun and engaging and being responsible. I am communicative, creative, and active.

Sara O.

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Hometown: Lawrence, KS
Education: Villanova University/BS Civil Engineering
Profession: Organizational management
Hobbies: Reading, tennis, yoga, running
Experience: Over 15 years with infants and older as an after school sitter, summer camp counselor and private, on-call sitter. I am patient, adventurous, entertaining, fun, compassionate and very empathetic.

Sarah B.

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Hometown: Salem, MA
Education: Belmont University/BSW Social Work; Columbia University/MSW '19
Profession: Student
Hobbies: Running, hiking, reading, yoga, volunteering
Experience: 4+ years with 6 months and older as an after school sitter, summer nanny, health volunteer in the Peace Corps, and private on-call babysitter. I am very hands on and love playing board-games, puzzles, arts/crafts projects, and baking. I am engaging, easy-going, creative and good at maintaining boundaries.

Sarah C.

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Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Education: Ithaca College/BFA Musical Theater
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: Singing, art, music, dance, film
Experience: 15+ years with infants to teens as an after school sitter, summer nanny, and private, on-call babysitter. I am patient, creative, fun, understanding, and kind. I am a good communicator and love to be creative and engage with kids!

Siobhan C.

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Hometown: Bay Village, OH
College: Boston University/BFA Acting
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: Acting, music, singing, piano, reading, writing
Experience: 6+ years with infants through teens as a daycare assistant, Montessori teacher's asst., camp counselor, and as a private, after school, and on-call, babysitter. I am flexible, responsible, safe, and fun. I like learning about what children love and gets them excited and try to engage with them on their level. I love imaginary games and playing dress up!

Stephanie U.

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Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Education: Pace University/BFA Acting
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: Music, Dance, Acting, Improv, Writing, Choir, Reading, Literature
Experience: Over six years with children 3 months and older. I have worked as an after school sitter, a tutor, and as an occasional/temporary babysitter. I enjoy the companionship with children in any capacity. I am a positive influence and have a keen intuition/sympathetic attitude toward children. I am a fun, helpful presence and value communication.