All Pinch Sitters have at least 3 years experience and at least 2 recent childcare references. All Pinch Sitters are personally interviewed and submit to a full reference, criminal and background check. All Pinch Sitters have extensive experience in many diverse settings: daycare/pre-K programs, K-12 classrooms, after school/summer camps, art therapy, and children's theater, dance, music, and gymnastics classes. Our experienced, responsible, reliable, and loving staff design fun and enriching activities while making sure that your children are safe and protected.
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Niki H.

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Hometown: Bridgewater, MA
Education: Kingston University, London/BA Drama, Music; Guildford School of Acting, University of Surrey
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: Arts and crafts, cooking
Experience: 5+ years with 3 months and older. I've worked with agencies in London/NYC; I have twins experience, taught within after school drama and art programs, and babysat with many private families. I believe I have the right balance of sensible and silly. I am a big kid that loves to play and tries to match the energy of the children to keep them entertained.

Olivia V.

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Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Education: Carnegie Mellon University/BFA Voice
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: Musical theater, reading, architecture, graphic design, skiing, yoga
Experience: Over 4 years with age 1 and older as a summer camp counselor, acting/singing teacher, and as a private evening/weekend sitter. I am warm, caring, curious, and practical as well as punctual, reliable, and responsible. I love being goofy, do excellent silly voices, and love storytelling!

Onyie N.

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Hometown: Houston, TX
Education: Sam Houston State University/BFA Musical Theater
Profession: Singer/Songwriter
Hobbies: Music, singing, writing, songwriting, audio engineering
Experience: 15+ years with infants and older. I have worked with infants, children with developmental disabilities, within a gym nursery, as a voice teacher and in a hospitality role for Aladdin the Musical. I am incredibly patient and good at all the tactics for solving a child's needs. I am nurturing, attentive, good at taking instruction, and responsible. I am a goofball and love to play.

Sabrina G.

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Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Education: Hunter College/BA Psych ('18); BMCC/AA
Profession: Student
Hobbies: Psychology, activism, homework help
Experience: Over 7 years experience with ages 1 and older as a preschool teacher's aide and as an after school, on-call, freelance babysitter. I am communicative, easy going, flexible and engaging.I love to provide fun activities for kids and I to share together!

Sammie Z.

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Hometown: Chicago, IL
Education: Knox College/BA Theater
Profession: Actor/Performance Coach
Hobbies: Acting, dancing, swimming
Experience: Over 5 years with 9 months and older as a summer nanny, after school sitter, private sitter, tutor, and performance coach for high schoolers. I maintain a good balance between being fun and engaging and being responsible. I am communicative, creative, and active.

Sarah G.

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Hometown: New York, NY
Education: SUNY Cortland/B.A. Professional Writing; NY Institute of Technology/M.A. Communication Arts
Profession: Freelance Fashion Stylist
Hobbies: Reading books, Watching movies, Listening & dancing (even alone) to music
Babysitting Experience: I have babysit all sorts of kids varying in age, lifestyle at home, in school, and personalities and all have been pleasant and easy breezy!

Stephanie U.

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Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Education: Pace University/BFA Acting
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: Music, Dance, Acting, Improv, Writing, Choir, Reading, Literature
Experience: Over six years with children 3 months and older. I have worked as an after school sitter, a tutor, and as an occasional/temporary babysitter. I enjoy the companionship with children in any capacity. I am a positive influence and have a keen intuition/sympathetic attitude toward children. I am a fun, helpful presence and value communication.

Theresa H.

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Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Education: Bard College/BA Literature and Written Arts; Hunter/MA Education
Profession: High School English/AP teacher
Hobbies: Theater, singing, writing
Experience: Over 7 years of experience with ages 9 months and older. I mentored and tutored middle/high school children all throughout college. I currently teach high school English and am pursuing a Master's in Education. I am patient and understanding and laid back (within reason). I am genuinely amused by and enjoy the company of children!

Valerie S.

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Hometown: La Crescenta, CA
Education: University of California-Irving/BA Dance
Profession: Performer/Choreographer
Hobbies: dance yoga, karate
Experience: 10+ years working with children 6 months and older. Basketball coach; dance teacher; and substitute teacher.

Vanessa W.

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Hometown: Chicago, IL
Education: American Musical and Dramatic Academy/Certificate of Performance
Profession: Stage Manager
Hobbies: Football, theater, baseball, music, dance, science-fiction, fantasy novels
Experience: I have been working with infants and older for over 5 years as a part time nanny, as well as an after school, date night and occasional babysitter. I love stimulating children's imaginations and engaging them in all kinds of activities- from board games to building forts!