All Pinch Sitters have at least 3 years experience and at least 2 recent childcare references. All Pinch Sitters are personally interviewed and submit to a full reference, criminal and background check. All Pinch Sitters have extensive experience in many diverse settings: daycare/pre-K programs, K-12 classrooms, after school/summer camps, art therapy, and children's theater, dance, music, and gymnastics classes. Our experienced, responsible, reliable, and loving staff design fun and enriching activities while making sure that your children are safe and protected.
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Jen F.

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Hometown: Cranston, RI

Education: Roger Williams University/BA Theater

Profession: Nanny/Chef

Hobbies: Theater, art museums, exploring NYC

Experience: I have been a full time Nanny/Chef/Personal Assistant for over 10 years with infants and older. I love laughing and connecting with children. I am empathetic and provide a happy, healthy environment for them. I always listen to the needs of the child.

Jen N.

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Hometown: New York City, NY
Education: Manhattanville College/Simmons College, Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy/AD Occupational Health Sciences
Profession: Massage Therapist/Doula
Hobbies: Massage therapy, hoe organization, music festivals, cooking
Experience: 10+ years with newborns and older as a p/t and after school sitter as well as a birth and postpartum doula. I am honest, nurturing, silly, structured, and kind. I never talk down to kids. I love making up games, creating stories, doing craft projects, and going on outdoor adventures!

Julie H.

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Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Education: American River College/Theater Arts/Physical Education

Certifications- Personal Trainer, Pre/Post Natal Personal Trainer

Profession: Life Coach

Hobbies:  Reading, learning, self development, NLP/Hypnosis, spending time with friends

Experience: 20+ years of working with children of all ages as within a daycare and as a private, on-call babysitter. I am responsible, reliable, patient, fun, trustworthy, compassionate, creative, and loving. I love to play games, sing songs, and make arts + crafts.

Kaitlin C.

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Hometown: Jacksonville, NC
Education: University of NC; BA/English expected 2022
Profession: Student
Hobbies: volleyball, coffee, media/journalism
Experience: 7+ years with infants and older as an after school nanny, overnight and on-call babysitter. I am safe, attentive, and fun. I am always engaged with the kids and focused on them. I am flexible and encourage a child to play and to do what the child enjoys doing.

Kayland J.

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Hometown: Dallas, TX
Education: Pace University/BFA Acting
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: Acting, horticulture, skin care
Experience: Six+ years working with children 6 months and older as a summer camp counselor, after school assistant, daycare volunteer, and private sitter. I like to encourage safe and positive interactions with drawing, singing, and other activities. I am friendly and open, and encourage peace and calmness.

Kelly S.

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Home town: Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan
Education: University of Central Florida/BA Psych and BFA Acting
Profession: Actor/Stage Manager
Hobbies: acting, singing, traveling, cooking, camping,reading, meeting new people
Babysitting Experience: Over 5+ years with 6 mos and older as a full time and occasional/part-time/date-night sitter for families in Florida, California, and New York. I've also worked as a summer children's theater camp counselor.

Kristina P.

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Hometown: Queens, NY
Education: Mount St. Mary College/BA Psychology
Profession: Executive assistant
Hobbies: Exercise, arts&crafts, reading, board games, tutoring
Experience: 5+ years with ages 1 and older as an athletic coach, summer camp counselor, school psych/social work intern (children with disabilities), and as a f/t nanny for twins/infant. I am very organized an am prepared for fitting with a child's wants and needs. I use fun activities to keep children more engaged and try to keep children entertained socially with limited screen time.

Leslie K-D.

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Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Education: Columbia/BA English, Biology
Profession: Writer, Actor
Hobbies: Writing, ballet, photography
Experience: Over 10+ years of experience with infants and older as a part-time nanny, tutor, professional on-call sitter, and now as a mom.

Leslie T.

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Hometown: Bronx, NY
Education: Lehman College CUNY/BA Psychology
Profession: Graduate student
Hobbies: Yoga, painting, drawing
Experience: Six years with ages 5 months and older as an after school sitter (including 10 y/o twins), weekend sitter (infants), and as an occasional private on-call sitter (toddlers). I am patient, nurturing, responsible, and fun. I enjoy engaging in activities that the children like to do most. I have a genuine interest in ensuring that children are safe and comfortable and have great interpersonal skills.

Liz S.

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Hometown: Long Island, NY
Education: Syracuse University/BA English; University of Michigan/MA Public Health
Profession: Humanitarian organization
Hobbies: Running, spinning, movies, travel, playdoh, puzzles, Scrabble, legos
Babysitting Experience: Over 20+ years with infant through teens. Nanny, tutor, work with developmentally disabled.