All Pinch Sitters have at least 3 years experience and at least 2 recent childcare references. All Pinch Sitters are personally interviewed and submit to a full reference, criminal and background check. All Pinch Sitters have extensive experience in many diverse settings: daycare/pre-K programs, K-12 classrooms, after school/summer camps, art therapy, and children's theater, dance, music, and gymnastics classes. Our experienced, responsible, reliable, and loving staff design fun and enriching activities while making sure that your children are safe and protected.
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Brenna C.

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Hometown: Jacksonville, NC
Education: William Peace University/BFA Musical Theater
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: Cooking, singing, acting
Experience: 6+ years with infants and older as a camp counselor, children's drama teacher, weekend nanny, and private, on-call babysitter. I am kind, caring, responsible, improvisational, mature, smart and fun! I am very nurturing and want to keep a similar dynamic while babysitting that a child is accustomed to.

Casey P.

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Hometown: Hamilton, MI
Education: Ball State University/BFA Musical Theater
Profession: Actor
Hobbies: Theater, running, travel, cooking/baking
Experience: 12+ years experience with newborns to teenagers, including special needs children. I worked as a certified lifeguard and swim instructor, full time summer nanny (4 kids), as well as an after school, on-call, private sitter. I am detail oriented, organized, attentive, and incredibly hands on. I have a sincere love for children and enjoy spending time outdoors, doing crafts, tutoring and simply playing games.

Cecly P.

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Hometown: Belleville, NJ
Education: Montclair State University/BFA Dance; New York University/MA Dance Education
Profession: High School Dance Teacher
Hobbies: Dance, choreography, writing, fitness, meditation, yoga
Experience: 20+ years working with 9 months and older as an elementary and high school dance teacher and private, on-call babysitter. I am friendly and fun, kind, and compassionate. My priority is to protect kids. I love arts and crafts, movement and dance games, reading, and playing with children on their level.

Dakota W.

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Hometown: Upper Peninsula, MI
Education: American Musical and Dramatic Academy/Acting
Profession: Performer
Hobbies: Arts & crafts, writing, singing
Experience: Over 5+ years of childcare experience with infants and older as a private, on-call sitter and full time/live in nanny. I am patient, understanding, fun, creative, and responsible. I like to create a warm, stress-free, and safe environment for children.

Dana S.

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Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ
Education: Curry College, MA in Business Administration/ City College, MA in Psychology
Profession: Going back to school to get a MSW to become an adolescent counselor.
Hobbies: Traveling, museums, cats
Experience: Over 10 years of experience with infants and older; trained as a doula; experience with twins;worked with agencies in Mass and NY.

Debra C.

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Hometown: Andalusia, AL
Education: Alabama State University/BS Elementary Ed
Profession: Musician/Performer/Actress
Hobbies: Singing, Going out to the movies, Being with family and friends, Traveling, Eating Good Food
Experience: Over 15+ years experience with newborns, toddlers and older, special needs and twins. Current on-call/temp nanny-babysitter. Previous preschool/elementary teacher and vocal instructor. All children need to feel loved and cared for. Making a child smile makes my sitting worthwhile!

Dylan P.

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Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Education: Ball State University/BFA Musical Theater
Profession: Actor/Director
Hobbies: Music, dance, sports, reading
Experience: Over 6 years working with children ages 3 and older as an after school sitter, tutor, private babysitter, and dance/acting teacher. I am outgoing, relatable, active, boisterous, grounded and real. I take caring for children seriously but know how to make a fun and welcoming environment for kids. I love board games!

Emily C.

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Hometown: Flydell, LA
Education: Louisiana State University/BA Political Science, East Caroline University/M.Ed
Profession: Elementary school teacher
Hobbies: Tutoring, cooking, parks, museums
Experience: Over 10+ years with all ages as an elementary school teacher, children's party staff, summer camp counselor, and within a day care center. I am warm, kind, reliable, and hones. I am flexible, professional, experienced and prepared to work with all ages and types of children. I love telling stories, reading, and going to the park!

Gracie J.

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Hometown: Amarillo, TX
Education: FIT/BA Fashion Business Management '18
Profession: Student/Boutique Owner
Hobbies: Fashion, art, music, vintage, sports, travel
Experience: 3+ years with 3 months and older as an after school sitter, summer nanny, and private, on-call sitter. I have experience with children with special needs and twins. I love listening to children tell me stories. I like to plan fun activities and pay attention to their interests and build relationships. I am personable, charismatic, and a good communicator.

Hailey P.

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Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Education: FIT/BA advertising/marketing
Profession: Student/Retail
Hobbies: Fashion, reading, psychology, art museums, cooking
Experience: 5+ years with age 5 and older as a f/t after school sitter, summer nanny, and assistant in church nursery school. I enjoys children and am able to think of creative ways to keep children entertained and stimulated. I am reliable, responsible, patient, and playful!