"I just wanted to let you know that Gee was amazing.

She was on perfect time, she followed my instructions, she didn’t use the phone or other distractions while working ( my girls told me as it is something I really don’t like people to do while working). They had a great time and everything went really well. I will definitely recommend your service! --Tiziana B."


Thank you

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Claire was. Thank you for sending her. --Ellen M.

Wonderful company!

Thanks Lisa! Ashley was wonderful company, and great with William. ;-) --Deanna McLean

Brilliant service!

This is just a note to thank you for the brilliant service extended to us by your organisation, and Janelle Cortes, during our recent stay in New York. Janelle Cortes was just wonderful. Janelle was a lovely person who extended such great care to our children and courtesies to my wife and I. An intelligent, fun and lovely young lady. A true delight. We would recommend your organisation, and Janelle, any time. Thank you so very much. --Scott F.

Definitely recommend!

As a busy working mother that travels frequently for work, I was so pleased with the service and professionalism offered by PinchSitters for my recent NYC trip. Our sitter, Bree, was a dream. She was fun, professional and we felt at ease leaving our 10-month old boy with her at my hotel. They had a fun day together and she was great about sending me pics and texts with updates so I could see how well things were going. I would use this service again and would definitely recommend Lisa and her team to anyone. --Kirsten Lee

Great company!

I am writing to thank you for providing me with a great sitter. This is the first time that I have left my daughter with someone other than family while transitioning back to the workplace. I am actually getting a little emotional writing this email. I was anxious, but I was so relieved when I walked in the door and saw Dana holding my daughter. My daughter put her arm around Dana and hugged her. I knew in that moment that I had chosen a great company. I should also mention that Dana carried my baby and the stroller up and down four flights of stairs which was not an easy task. Thank you so much!--Nicole W.


I just wanted to let you know that Gee was amazing. She was on perfect time, she followed my instructions, she didn’t use the phone or other distractions while working ( my girls told me as it is something I really don’t like people to do while working). They had a great time and everything went really well. I will definitely recommend your service! --Tiziana B.

With thanks for this Wonderful first-time experience with Pinch Sitters

A note to say what a wonderful experience we had in using Pinch Sitters for the first time-and we are now very happy to be repeat clients! Ashley was lovely-she was punctual, and she was kind, warm and fun. She was very professional, yet great with my 9 year old. We liked her right away and but halfway through her time here, my daughter came down with a fever and we admire Ashely even more for how she handled that. She notified me right away, and stayed in touch with me but I could tell my daughter was in good hands. We were so pleased and I am so comforted to know that I can call on Pinch Sitters when needed, and I did again not long ago...this time we had Tia and she was also wonderful! We can't say enough about Lisa and the people she hires. This is truly and amazing service. Thank you! Diane T.

Diane Tanner

Thanks Pinch Sitters!

I was visiting New York this Summer with my husband and daughter and I wanted to make the most of my visit by watching a Broadway show. That was only possible because I found Pinch Sitters to babysit my daughter one evening while my husband and I enjoyed a show. I would like to thank Lisa for being so helpful and prompt in arranging for a baby sitter for my daughter. Strummer watched my daughter and she was great with her! My daughter has special needs and Strummer was very responsible and keenly attended to my daughter's specific needs. She also kept us updated on what my daughter was doing while we were away. Thanks Lisa and Strummer! :) --Saylee Raje

Sweet and professional!

I just wanted to let you know Ashley worked out great! She was sweet, professional and when I came home my son was happily playing with her. It worked out great! Thanks for your help with a last minute sitter. I have been in need of a backup child care option and I will definitely use your service again when needed. --Nina Stratt


Once Again!

Lisa, once again you sent over an amazing sitter. So far we've had a great experience with Pinch sitters and I highly recommend the service. As a mom of three I appreciate the ease and efficiently of securing the occasional babysitter. Thank you! --Heather Borstein

Heather B.

Thank you!

Thank you! Emily was great and everything went perfect! I wish you had an office in CA where we live! --Joy Justus

Joy J.


We were in New York from London for the weekend and Pinch Sitters found us a trustworthy, sensible, and friendly sitter to care for our 10 month old. Jillian was brilliant! Thank you for making our NYC weekend possible! -Jeff N.

Jeff N.

Parents need Pinch Sitters!

You hit a second home run with Sade, after the first home run by sending us Tia.  My 5 year old daughter is begging me when she can see them again.  And our 1 year old, stopped crying before I was out the door. A first. And I'm just paying $2 more an hour, then I used to, plus no interviews, and the sitters are vetted...
Parents need Pinch Sitters.  I am grateful there is a place like that for me to call.
You are doing an amazing service to all parents out there. Wish I had been told about this in the delivery room.
Thank you Lisa & Pinch Sitters! --Theo Hurst

I love your service!

M. Marinello.jpg

Thanks so much for your help today! Melissa was wonderful. My little one, Asha, absolutely loved her. I love your service! And I am sure there will be many more occasions in the future when we will need your services. I love your work, and would love to help you be successful! Your ability to come through with almost no notice at all was really remarkable! Thanks again! -Seema R.

Seema R.

I could not have gotten anyone better!

Ashley K costume.jpeg

Ashley was wonderful-fun, on top of things, lovely! I could not have gotten anyone better. -Nancy B.

Nancy W.

I never have any hesitations with whoever is watching her!

Thanks Lisa for all the great help with everyone - while Tessa has a special connection with Jessica - EVERYONE who comes is always so nice and great, I never have any hesitations with whoever is watching her! I give the service HIGH two thumbs up!!! --Vicki F.

Thank you for accommodating us!

I just wanted to say thank you for accommodating us with such short notice on Tues. Taylor was great--calm, understanding and responsive, and my daughter seemed happy when I got home. What more can one ask for on 2 hrs notice?! ;) --Kari D.

I don't know how you find these amazing women!

I don't know how you find these amazing women, but Mary was just fantastic last night. The kids adored her, as they have adored every single sitter you have sent. We have been using Pinch sitters since our daughter was born (almost 10 years!) and have never once have had a bad experience. We never even have had a mediocre experience-- every single sitter has been wonderful. I have more or less given up trying to find sitters on my own, because the ones you send to us are consistently wonderful. --Janet L.

Thank you!

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that Dena was amazing! She was on- time, accommodating and fantastic with our daughter. Olivia had a great time. I would highly recommend her and your service was great. Thank you for your time and attention. --Monica B.

Dana was wonderful and so helpful!

Dana was wonderful and so helpful! My daughter took to her right away and I also enjoyed meeting Dana. Dana asked all the right questions to get the right information to do her job well and to understand my daughter's needs. I think my daughter had a good time playing with her. I felt comfortable leaving my daughter with Dana. --Jairo C.

Will be in touch the next time we are in NYC.

Thanks for helping us with childcare last week. Tia was terrific – wanted to share that feedback with you. Will be in touch the next time we are in NYC. --Darren L.

Strummer was fantastic!

Thank you for finding us a sitter on such short notice. Strummer was fantastic- the girls really loved her. --Jessica S.

Dana was great.

Dana was great. On time. Kids loved her. Very capable and sweet. Elena has a beautiful picture hanging above her bed, thanks to Dana. Apparently, Elena colored one for Dana, and Dana colored one for Elena. I don't think it will come down, ever. :) --Maria C.

Love your service.

Kim was great. Thank you for coordinating. Love your service. --Brendan T.

A pleasant surprise!

Since our daughter has been born we haven't had the time to do some of the cleaning we would have liked to do. Dana did not have to clean the place up, but she did. It meant that we could work on other things around the house on our weekend and I got to spend more time with my daughter. I absolutely do not expect a sitter to do anything beyond make sure Nari's diaper is changed and that she is fed, but is was a pleasant surprise! --Sarah H.

Jenny was wonderful with Charlie!

Jenny was great - thanks for arranging her as a sitter for my nephew this weekend. She was wonderful with Charlie and having her here helped make for a great weekend with my family.
--Pam G.

Absolutely wonderful

I wanted to thank you for sending Francoise over -she was absolutely wonderful with Nisha and kept me updated throughout the day which I was very appreciative of. We will definitely reach out to you again when we need a sitter. --Karuna U.

Thank you again.

I just wanted to let you know how pleasant our experience was last Thursday. As you may recall, Kali Brewster, babysat my two boys and it couldn't have been more successful. I thought you would appreciate hearing such positive feedback. Thank you again. --Kim G.

We LOVED Sylvia!

We LOVED Sylvia!!! Such a wonderful warm personality. She put us at ease straight away. --Paula M.



I have used Pinch Sitters for years, and I can honestly say that I have never had an unsuitable sitter. In fact, the sitters that have been sent by Lisa have been SPECTACULAR. I have two kids, now 4 and 6, but my first pinch sitter was when my first child was just a baby. Each sitter has been immensely qualified, warm and wonderful with the kids, responsible and reliable reporters for me, and on-time, prepared and professional. I have never felt uncomfortable leaving my children in the care of a pinch sitter. But I also know that if I did, the agency staff is always there to make sure you are happy! I can't recommend them highly enough. --Lizzie B.


Efficient, Professional and Fun!


I have been using Pinch Sitters for over 2 years now on an almost weekly basis. Lisa, who runs the business is always efficient at setting me up with a sitter, even at the last minute. The sitters are professional and fun! They always ask the right questions, and follow the schedule I give them to the letter - so I know they have my son's best interests in mind. My son looks forward to them coming over and often asks for his "regular" sitters by name. I never need to worry about the level of care for my son or my personal property when I have hired a Pinch Sitter. I've used other agencies in the past with mixed results and always end up coming back to Pinch Sitters because they have the best sitters. Your sitters are the best we've had in the city and your agency is as well. -- Emily M.

Emily M.

Pinch Sitters has saved my life several times!


Pinch Sitters has saved my life several times. My nanny unexpectedly quit and I needed a sitter FAST. Lisa was quick, thoughtful, supportive and extremely accommodating. I would highly recommend this company to any mommy in NYC as an essential resource.
--Lindsay B.


Thank you Pinch Sitters!


I have been using Pinch Sitters for many years, since my 7 year old was a baby, and have been consistently thrilled with the service and the babysitters. We live on Long Island, but bring our kids into the City often. Whenever we do, we book a sitter for the evening and it has been a huge help. Not only is the service professional and accessible, but my kids (and myself ) have always loved our sitters! We always want to use them again, and have requested that as well. It is comforting to know, that we have someone we can trust when we go out in NYC. Thank you Pinch Sitters! --Jennie M.


Not only was she on time, she was early, and she was amazing.

We just had Sade over to babysit. She was amazing. I was nervous leaving Griffin with a total stranger, and worried she'd be late (I mean 6:30am IS early!). Not only was she on time, she was early, and she was amazing. Thank you so much! We'll definitely be using your service again! --Erin K.

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