Customized Personal Assistance

  Pinch Sitter, Jaye Maynard is a performer, a producer and a problem solver. She can make things happen for you, too! ┬áLike a good whirling dervish, she sifts and winnows, through paper, stuff, desk-tops, closets, and more! Whirling Dervish Read More

Get Organized!

Using her diverse experiences, ranging from working as an administrative assistant in various businesses to teaching, former Pinch Sitter, Kristi Barron, founded Wicked Organized NYC with the intention of assisting people in creating freedom and peace-of-mind through organization. We know she’s great! Wicked Organized NYC Read More

Our Cooking Actress

Pinch Sitter Kayle B. is The Cooking Actress. You can follow her blog at The Cooking Actress Read More

Lyrical Language

Music is a great way to approach language learning for children who have difficulty communicating. The rhythm, patterns and dynamic of singing provides a structure under the words and sentences of lyrics. This structure works to make speaking automatic. If you’ve learned something through music it’s easier to repeat; it puts communication into a non-stress,... Read More

2013 NY Awards!

Pinch Sitters Agency has been given the 2013 NY Award in the Child Care Category! Read the press release: Read More